What is the schedule for the weekend?

Friday, May 18th

19:00 – 21:00 pm: pick up your registration package at St. Patrick’s High School.

Entrance though the FRONT/ MAIN door at 75 rue Maisonneuve.

Registration package contains: Nametag, souvenir and SATURDAY EVENING BANQUET TICKET

19:00- 02:00 am: following your registration you are invited to the MEET AND GREET in the school. There will be bar service and entertainment throughout the evening.

Handicapped/Reduced Mobility parking info available here.

Please note all BAR SERVICE areas at the school are run by the foundation and therefore all tips and profit go directly back to the St. Patrick’s High School Foundation.

Saturday, May 19th

10:00am: School opens and your children are welcome to come play basketball on your home court. Entrance though 75 or 85 Rue Maisonneuve or through the cafeteria door in the backyard.

10:00-13:00: Pick up registration package for those who were unable to do so on Friday, May 18th. Registration package contains: Nametag, souvenir and SATURDAY EVENING BANQUET TICKET. 

10:45-13:00: Time for the decades basketball tournament. Please check out the BASKETBALL tab on this website for more information. (Bar service still provided).

10:00-13:30: All attendees are welcome to tour the school, visit classrooms. 

13:30pm: School closes.

17:30: Cocktail hour begins at the Quebec City Convention Centre.

18:30: Dinner is served.

21:00-02:00: Dancing and mingling.

Sunday, May 20th

10:00 am: Mass at St. Patrick’s Parish.

11:00-13:00: Dessert with coffee/tea served at St. Patrick’s High School.

If you require further information please contact